Dylan’s not your typical staid “prodigy.” He’s just a 12 year-old kid that loves to rock! Drawn to the drums at the age of 3, he was sitting in with family friends’ bands by the time he was 5. He still plays but shifted his focus to guitar at age 6. With a broad range of influences from Phish to the Talking Heads, NOFX, and Rolling Stones, Dylan Miles has been soaking in a wide range of musical styles that include classic rock, jam, funk, blues, and even punk his whole life. Currently, he’s a student of the guitar program at the Denver School of Arts. Coming from Florida, he’s lived in Denver for the last 6 years and has performed with local musicians at venues and festivals. Like one of his idols, Hendrix, he’s a lefty and wields a collection of axes that include a Strat, G&L, Schecter, Les Paul, and an Easton acoustic.